Fluency Passages for Comprehension Levels B-E & Lesson Plan

These are the fluency passages you may use with every Multi-Session Comprehension Pack in Levels B-E.

There is a Lesson Plan to use,  if you decide to add these Fluency Passages. (See Below and  Lesson Plans)


Level B Fluency Animal Sounds

Level B Fluency Bananas Sometimes

Level B Fluency Go Animals Go

Level B Fluency How Many Legs

Level B Fluency I Read a Book

Level B Fluency On the Farm

Level B Fluency Playful Puppy

Level B Fluency The Picnic

Level B Fluency We Make Cookies

Level B Fluency We Pack a Picnic

Level B Fluency Paint it Purple

Level C Fluency Yummy Yummy

Level C Fluency Who Who Who

Level C Fluency What Is at the Zoo

Level C Fluency We Make a Snowman

Level C Fluency We Pack a Picnic

Level C Fluency What Animals Eat

Level C Fluency Making Salsa!

Level C Fluency Open and Close

Level C Fluency The Woodsy Band Jam

Level C Fluency How Many

Level C Fluency Get In

Level C Fluency Busy at School

Level D Fluency Clouds

Level D Fluency Community Helpers

Level D Fluency Frog Is Hungry

Level D Fluency Getting Around the City

Level D Fluency Marias Halloween

Level D Fluency Senses

Level D Fluency The Mitten

Level D Fluency The Sky is Falling

Level D Fluency To the Store

Level D Fluency What

Level D Fluency Where The Plants Grow

Level E Fluency A Week with Grandpa

Level E Fluency All Kinds of Farms

Level E Fluency Bear and Kangaroo

Level E Fluency City Animals

Level E Fluency City Places

Level E Fluency Country Animals

Level E Fluency Hugs

Level E Fluency Making Pizza

Level E Fluency The Four Seasons

Level E Fluency The Storm

Level E Fluency Time for Bed



Fluency Passages for Comprehension Levels B-E & Lesson Plan
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