Month: February 2015

Lesson Plans: Book Specific

Thank you for sharing these Lesson Plans which are created for specific books. Look forward to adding more! All Kinds of Farms Level E AllKindsofFarmsEDay1 AllKindsofFarmsEDay2 AllKindsofFarmsEDay3 AllKindsofFarmsEDay4 Animal Eyes Level G AnimalEyesGLesson1Day1 AnimalEyesGLesson2Day2 AnimalEyesGLesson3Day3 AnimalEyesGLesson4Day4 Arthur’s Bad News Day Level M ArthursBadNewsDayMLesson1Day1 ArthursBadNewsDayMLesson2 ArthursBadNewsDayMLesson3Day3 ArthursBad-NewsDayMLesson4Day4 Hermit Crabs Level M HermitCrabsMLesson1Day1 HermitCrabsMLesson2Day2 HermitCrabsMLesson3Day3 HermitCrabsMLesson4Day4 Keb […]

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