1:1 Reading Mentoring Trainings

M4RA Training

This 1:1 evidence-based reading mentoring program can be implemented in public schools, juvenile detention facilities, and other organizations.  Participants will be instructed on the research and value of 1:1 reading mentoring for students with disabilities and students at-risk for reading failure.  During this training, participants will learn ways to involve the community, parents, and school peers to help students improve their reading and self-confidence. Administrators are encouraged to attend with those chosen to coordinate/help plan the beginnings of mentoring in their school(s) and/or organization. This training is offered in person as well as virtually.

Free M4RA training includes:

  • 5 hour training in person or 3 1/2 hour virtual training
  • Each school/organization receives 2 M4RA Resource Guide Books
  • Discount code to purchase your Readinga-z license
  • 5 contact hours
  • Professional development support from Amy to begin and to continue your reading mentoring program

Goals: Attendees will gain an understanding and functional knowledge to implement a 1:1 reading mentoring program.

Objectives: Attendees will

  • be instructed in the overview of M4RA: www.M4RA.org
  • be given ideas about how to select, assess, and track students.
  • learn about www.Readinga-z.com materials including Alphabet, Phonological Awareness, Phonics, High Frequency Words, Comprehension and Fluency/Comprehension Packs. Reading resources are for students at a kindergarten through early 6th grade reading levels.
  • be instructed how to make and use individualized lesson plans that correlate to the needs and pace of each student.
  • be instructed about ideas for recruiting mentors and how to train mentors with Role Play of a mentoring session.
  • be shown ideas to share information about mentoring programs to teachers, parents, administrators, school board, and community members


Free All About Reading Mentoring (AARM) Training

This free training is for family members of students who struggle in reading.

1:1 Reading Mentoring Training for families includes:

  • Two hour virtual, on-demand, or in-person training. Families who complete the on-demand four part reading mentoring training can receive a one year subscription to www.Readinga-z.com.
  • 1:1 Reading Mentoring Training folder that is mailed to the family before the training
  • The on-demand four part reading mentoring training modules are available by contacting [email protected]

Family Members/Caregivers will:

  • learn about the reading mentoring materials from www.M4RA.org and www.Readinga-z.com.  Reading resources are for students at kindergarten through early 6th grade reading levels.
  • learn how to find the correct www.Readinga-z.com Pack level to work with their student.
  • learn how to make books, and how to use the Tutoring & Mentoring Packs needed for their student.
  • practice a 30 minute mentoring session through role play using an example of a mentoring folder.

Please contact Amy Freeman for more information: [email protected]; or 419-764-9130

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