Action Plan

Mentoring 4 Reading Achievement (M4RA) Action Plan

Schools or Organizations


School or Organization:

  •  Provides supplemental 1:1 reading mentoring instruction to students identified in their M4RA Program’s Entrance Criteria.
  • Creates a name to identify their mentoring program locally such as: “Readers 2 Leaders”, “Reading Warriors”, Department of Youth Services’ “The Reading Zone”, or Bluffton School’s “Pirate-2-Pirate”.
  • Provides mentoring as often as possible. Research supports 30-minute sessions, 3-4 times per week (a student may have as many as 4 different mentors).
  • Pre and post-tests students at their reading level using DRA, STAR, DIBELS, aimsweb®, etc.; or Fluency Passages and submits information in M4RA’s “End of the School Year Report”.
  • Has staff attend 1 Full Day of Reading Mentoring Instruction
  • Purchases a Reading A-Z license annually ( as long as these mentoring materials are being used. The reading content is appropriate for students, Kindergarten through 12th grade, who are reading below a beginning 6th grade reading level.

School or Organization may implement M4RA as a:

  • Before, during, or after school program
  • Take-home (family engagement) program
  • Summer school program

School or Organization may serve:

  • Students with reading goals on their Individual Education Programs (IEP)
  • Students who are at-risk
  • Students who are English Language Learners (ELL)
  • Other students identified as needing 1:1 intervention

M4RA will:

  • Provide Reading Mentoring Instruction at regional locations or virtually
  • Provide 2 M4RA Resource Guide Books to each school or organization
  • Provide support to implement the M4RA program
  • Email M4RA News 4 You & Information throughout the year

M4RA is funded through the Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities



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