Please tell us if you’re mentoring this year!

We’ve heard from some coordinators how they’ve organized their program to allow 1:1 reading mentoring. Please email [email protected] and share your ideas. Here is how one school mentors:

“We are indeed doing mentoring. I currently have 7 HS students who are coming over to mentor. I met with the superintendent before the beginning of the school year to discuss going forward with this program. We came up with a plan to have students mentored in 15 minute segments (social distancing guidelines). We also decided to only use HS mentors, no outside help or Bluffton University students (BU not allowing unless it’s done remotely via zoom etc.)

The only drawback is that it’s only 15 minutes vs. the 30 minutes that I normally have them do. We also are only in school M-TH and remote on Fridays. Since we aren’t here on Fridays, all the students in the program are getting serviced 4 days per week. Currently I am working on getting the same students serviced a second time during the day trying to utilize the same HS students. If the same student can’t mentor, I am getting a different person.

We have to fill out daily exposure logs that ask if we are exposed to an individual for longer than 15 minutes w/o the recommended 6ft distance. I include my mentors in on it even though they (for the most part) aren’t near them for that long as they sit across the table when possible, and or sometimes work in an area with plastic dividers. All of this done with masks on.” B.A., reading mentoring coordinator

Please tell us if you’re mentoring this year!
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