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Amy Freeman, 1:1 Reading Mentoring Program Director:

Amy has worked with students and adults with disabilities for over 45 years. She was the co-director of a 1:1 reading mentoring program for 15 years including training and professional development support for over 300 schools. She collaborated in creating the Readinga-z.com reading mentoring materials that schools use to help their students reading below grade level. Amy has also worked as a: teacher, sheltered workshop director, behavior specialist, superintendent, state-wide preschool reviewer, and regional DD program consultant. Amy has her B.S. and M.Ed. in Special Education from Bowling Green State University.

In Memoriam:  Debby Ambroza was 1:1 OCECD’s Reading Mentoring Specialist and co-author of the reading mentoring resources:

Debby worked with and for students with disabilities for over 45 years. Her K-12 grades of students had IEPs for ID, DD, MD, ED, SLD, At Risk, etc. Debby piloted this 1:1 reading mentoring program in her classroom using the materials from www.readinga-z.com that were created for the Mentors to use. Debby saw her students make quicker and more substantial progress in reading, as well as more gains in self-confidence, than she had previously experienced.

Debby and Amy provided training and support to schools and families throughout Ohio for 18 years.

Please contact Amy Freeman for more information: [email protected]; or 419-764-9130

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