Brunswick City Schools’ B.L.U.E. Leaders

Building Literacy, Unity & Excellence

There are seven elementary schools.

Crestview: “Thank you for recognizing the BLUE Program at Brunswick City Schools.  I am so happy with the success we had last year.

Last year was the first year of implementing the BLUE program at Crestview which ran for 12 weeks. There were 8  students in the program and 11 parent/community volunteers. As a result of the program & volunteers,  all of the students increased their reading fluency by 50 words per minute, and 2 students grew a whole grade level, while 6 students were on track at his/her grade level reading level. WOW, that is amazing growth!”

Idea shared: When the sticker reward sheet is full, the Mentee is given a Raz-Kids book to read to his/her parent at home. When a parent signature is returned, the Mentee is given a Pride Ticket to “shop” at the school store for a reward.

Positives seen: Students are excited when they move up a Pack Level, show growth on their Fluency Charts, and they are excited to work with their Mentors. Teachers and Mentors have noticed that the Mentees are reading with more expression.



Jennifer and the BLUE Leaders area

Brunswick City Schools’ B.L.U.E. Leaders
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