Panthers “PAWS” for Reading: Tri County North

From Cindy, Panthers “PAWS” for Reading’s Coordinator:

 I wanted to share one of the activities we did to involve our mentors and students in naming our program. They voted by using a human bar graph, and came up with the new name Panthers “PAWS” for reading!!

We also did several other activities using a human bar graph that involved the “getting to know you” questions for the start of the mentoring program.


Lesson Plan: Mentoring Lesson Plans

Folders ready to be used:

A look inside the mentoring folders:

Making Predictions Graphic Organizer if the book is Fiction:

KWL Graphic Organizer if the book is Non-fiction:

Comprehension Questions if the book is Fiction or Nonfiction:

Before Reading and During Reading:

To organize folders= Laminated & Consumables:

If Lesson Plan is completed= some more ideas:

Folder needs the next book/Consumables:

Mentor Reminder List:

Master Copies in hanging envelopes:

Everything is color coded!

Carts to take to the Mentoring areas:



Panthers “PAWS” for Reading: Tri County North
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