Year: 2016

Celina Primary B.A.R.K.

Celina Primary B.A.R.K. is in the “Spotlight” Laura shared that her “timesaver” is that she always has “the next” mentoring folder ready for the student. Of course this may change if the student is ready for a new Level; but usually works. Plus, the program can go on if she is absent. Laura has 16 kids […]

Panthers “PAWS” for Reading: Tri County North

From Cindy, Panthers “PAWS” for Reading’s Coordinator:  I wanted to share one of the activities we did to involve our mentors and students in naming our program. They voted by using a human bar graph, and came up with the new name Panthers “PAWS” for reading!! We also did several other activities using a human […]

Tiffin City Schools’ Read to Succeed is “In the Spotlight”

Welcome Mentors! Recruiting Mentors Example of folder Leah uses to train the Mentors: When I conduct training these are the materials I include in each trainees folder.  It is everything they would need if they were to follow a student for all 4 days.  I also made a flow sheet that is included in each […]

Comments and New Ideas

October 13th, 2016 Hi Ladies, I can’t say enough positive words about today’s training! You both did a fabulous job presenting the material in a real life, easy to follow manner. I feel much more confident about implementing Project Soar this year, knowing everything I possibly can about the program. Also, it was reassuring to […]

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