Lesson Plan: used with older age students; Hints and Time Savers

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The Coordinator checks what is to be accomplished each day under the “DO” column.

Mentor Lesson Plan Template Rev 072414 by Mary

Hints for Volunteers/Mentors:

  • Try to get local volunteers; the farther people have to drive, the more likely you are to have problems when winter weather hits.
  • Try to have a few backup staff people who may be able to fill in when a volunteer mentor can’t make it. Be prepared to fill in yourself.
  • Traditional age college students are enthusiastic, but their schedules change every term or quarter.
  • If possible, pick one or two students you can begin working with even before you get volunteers. It helps you develop your program and find out what works for you. It will also help when you train your first volunteers, because you’ll know what you’re talking about.
  • Decide if you need a “mentee contract.” If your program is not mandatory (or even if it is,) how will you handle students who refuse to come or are absent because of behavior in other classes? Do you need to get administrators in on the discussion?
  • Be sure to stress in training that the possibility exists that they may arrive and not be able to get in due to unforeseen circumstances (that you may not have had time to notify them about.)
  • Sometimes the students are having a bad day and may refuse to come. So your volunteer doesn’t have to sit there with nothing to do, try to have a few back-up students who may need coaching in some particular skill area (flash cards of general vocabulary, content specific terms, basic skills, etc.)

Time Savers:

Type on mailing labels anything that you find you are writing repeatedly, such as short instructions on the lesson plan form.  I have over a dozen different ones.  I also use mailing labels for folder labels and making vocabulary flash cards that go with the Reading A – Z books.

Mary Label Examples


Lesson Plan: used with older age students; Hints and Time Savers
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