ReadingA-Z and Common Core Standards Materials


Why Use Common Core Supplements

Each one-page Common Core Supplement contains instruction on academic vocabulary words, asking and answering questions, story elements or text features, a graphic organizer, text-dependent questions and a written response to reading to answer a Key Question. Having multiple Common Core instructional objectives met in one resource makes it easier to satisfy multiple standards with your instruction, saving you time.

How to Use Common Core Supplements

Use Common Core Supplements for the selection of Leveled Books alone or with the guided reading lesson provided. Comprehension skills, vocabulary, and other overlaps between the two instructional resources means that using them together deepens your students’ understanding of a single text.

Text-dependent questions require students to cite evidence from the text and are constructed at three levels of analysis:

  • Level 1: Evidence to construct an answer is found in one place within the text
  • Level 2: Evidence to construct an answer is gathered from several places within the text
  • Level 3: Evidence to construct an answer comes from both the text and experience, requiring an inference or conclusion to be made

Leveled Book Common Core Lesson


 Common Core Supplements collect many of the most important instructional shifts for CCSS in one resource, including academic vocabulary, text-dependent questions, and a constructed response to reading based on a Key Question. New Leveled Books & the most popular books at each level have a supplemental Common Core lesson.
ReadingA-Z and Common Core Standards Materials
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