Lesson Plans

INSPIRE-ational Ideas to share. Check out all the “Mentor Helps”!

Thank you Faith for sharing your own creations, and some pinterest ideas you incorporated into your creations! Please enjoy the attachments: INSPIRE READING LESSON PLAN FA Mentor Helps FA Parent Communication: When the student finishes a book, Faith sends home all of his/her learning materials, progress report and the book. “In the parent letter that I send home at this time, I […]

Lesson Plans: Book Specific

Thank you for sharing these Lesson Plans which are created for specific books. Look forward to adding more! All Kinds of Farms Level E AllKindsofFarmsEDay1 AllKindsofFarmsEDay2 AllKindsofFarmsEDay3 AllKindsofFarmsEDay4 Animal Eyes Level G AnimalEyesGLesson1Day1 AnimalEyesGLesson2Day2 AnimalEyesGLesson3Day3 AnimalEyesGLesson4Day4 Arthur’s Bad News Day Level M ArthursBadNewsDayMLesson1Day1 ArthursBadNewsDayMLesson2 ArthursBadNewsDayMLesson3Day3 ArthursBad-NewsDayMLesson4Day4 Hermit Crabs Level M HermitCrabsMLesson1Day1 HermitCrabsMLesson2Day2 HermitCrabsMLesson3Day3 HermitCrabsMLesson4Day4 Keb […]

Ideas and Reminders

Ideas and Reminders  for more Ideas To print Game Boards in color: Go to www.readinga-z.com. On the left side of the home page click on: Resources, Instructional Uses, Tutoring & Mentoring Packs: Comprehension Packs for levels aa-E and Fluency & Comprehension Packs for Levels F-Z. A variety of 7 Game Boards can be printed from: […]

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